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Driven by the digital revolution, consumers are going through a major shift in their buying behavior and preferences. Today’s consumers expect more choice, control and a great multi-channel digital user experience while interacting with businesses. To adapt to the ever-evolving digital nature of consumer expectations and creating applications is a critical business imperative.

The financial services industry is already seeing the impact of technology-led changes, either directly or indirectly on its business models.

In the digital world, financial services need to become more responsive in their digital design, rapidly test, and introduce products and services at a faster rate. Financial services expect their IT teams to align with the business requirement, make applications that look great, have a robust architecture and be delivered quickly.

Using Rapid Application Development (RAD), financial services can build robust applications, with great User Experience (UE), in shorter time frames. RAD is an approach to develop high quality applications faster with one-click/drag-and-drop addition of common software components, early-stage prototyping of applications and reuse of pre-built digital components. RAD platforms like Anthill offers visual drag and drop WYSWYG interface to design and build great user experience (UE).

Anthill is a rapid application development and packaging platform for financial services to accelerate digitization initiatives. It enables financial services to quickly develop and host software applications to digitally engage with consumers and employees, that work across all handheld devices and browsers.

Know more about Anthill

Visual Development Kit (VDK) is one of the key capabilities of Anthill, which enables financial services to quickly build great user experience with minimal coding.

Visual development kit (VDK)

The Visual Development Kit (VDK) enables greater user experience using GUI based drag and drop feature that allows the building of applications quickly by dragging and dropping pre-built digital components. Some of the key benefits of this feature are:

  1. Reduce dependency on IT team, specifically UI developers: The simple, intuitive and easy interface enables users with minimal UI and design knowledge to quickly build the application’s UI with ease by selecting, and installing pre-built components.
  2. Reduce time spend on coding: With the availability of pre-built digital components, the users can download and install the components with minimal coding.
  3. Reduce integration efforts: The pre-built applications are based on industry standard technologies and hence integrate seamlessly with the existing systems as well as the new systems.
  4. Reduce efforts to develop multiple versions of applications for various devices: Responsive designs enable users to develop once and publish for various handheld devices and browsers.

With Visual Development Kit (VDK), application development becomes an incremental process. Users can import and use pre-built components directly, and develop only the new components required to build the application. VDK provides the user options to use simple, granular level digital components, as well as complete pre-built applications and plugins.

Users can also build customized applications, modules and plugins using Anthill, store it in a central repository and reuse it. They can customize the pre-built components, build a new component, an application or plugins using the available components. This reduces the effort required to develop, test and deploy similar applications.

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